My Hummingbird

Male Anna's Hummingbird

The hummingbird is very small bird that is known as the hummingbird due to the noise it makes whilst flapping it’s wings depending on the size of the bird they can beat their wings anywhere between 12 beats per second for the larger species to 80 beats per second for the smaller species. They are beautiful birds and are brightly coloured.

I hear you saying why the hell is she talking about hummingbirds? If you have read the page fighting back you will know how I felt about a particular scar on my body from a punctured lung. This was a time I will never forget I felt so ill so sad and lonely and generally I laid in a hospital bed for weeks in pain thinking well lifes pretty shit. When I got well I never addressed how I felt about my ill health I just accepted that my body had changed and I finally was on track to being healthy.

I am covered in scars but that one was the one scar that I hated. It was always a reminder of how alone I felt at that time in my life. I am pleased to say that I have now covered it up with a beautiful Hummingbird. Why a Hummingbird? The hummingbird tattoo has so much signicance to a person like me.

As the bird is so small it has to work hard to survive a hummingbird tattoo can represent difficulty that a person has gone through in their life. Many people can relate to this the Hummingbird is a symbol of the strength it takes for a person to rise above trouble and hardship. It is representative of how a person has had to fight for a fuller life, a healthy one and how that person has pushed themselves forward to love life with every breath.

You will know that I started this site to help others but helping others has helped me to tackle all the feelings that I have had about myself. It has taken me until I am 47 years old to think about how my health affected me mentally.

So now that scar is gone but not forgotten now I look at it and see a beautiful bird and I smile I don’t cry anymore. The cracks are still there and the memory always will be but i’m finally starting to accept myself and the little cracks are finally starting to get repaired.

Lisa xx