Raising Awareness

Above are a few photo’s of me modelling clothing designed by my friend Krystal (bagladymama) I am proud to be an Ostomate proud to show off these tops & so pleased that Krystal is making a difference, breaking the mould, raising awareness that’s what it’s all about. There is a link at the end of the page which will direct you to bagladymama 😀

How we became friends

Krystal and I met about 12 years ago when we both took part in a modelling show in London at The Cafe De Paris for Ostomy Lifestyle to raise awareness for people living with Stoma’s.

Krystal was working as a nanny at the time and had been living in Greece after leaving Australia her native country. We hit it off immediately she had a take no shit attitude. Underneath that no shit attitude I felt there was a person struggling with some demons. Being unwell affects us physically and mentally and sometimes you just need someone who can relate to how you are feeling. That is why we are all on social media why I am writing on this site. That is why I wrote the page Should we be Happy sad or angry.

I have helped quite a few people come to terms with having a stoma, showed them how to change their bags, been asked to help discuss being an ostomate with people who are unsure about having surgery. When I met Krystal I felt that she was going through so many of the things that I had. Different experiences, but similar feelings, It’s good to know someone that’s had it tough but has come out on the other side. It’s what makes us strong gives us wisdom helps us see the bigger picture.

We all have insecurities everyone is battling with something I don’t think anyone can say that they aren’t. The main ones that stick to us like glue when we have a permanent stoma is body image. Even though you are comfortable having an ostomy and being finally healthy. Your confidence takes a knock, your body’s different you have a bag collecting your waste. Taking part in the modelling show was the best thing, it was empowering & all the other participants were so lovely and all proud of their stomas. I feel we are all on a journey to be self aware.

Krystal came to stay with us in Sunny Cornwall a couple of times and we always had a blast showing her around the sites, going on nights out and just hanging out like regular people. When people have something in common it helps to feel less isolated which is not only good for those people but good for everyone around them. This sense of unity is more important in this ever more fractured world.

One time Krystal visited she was pretty down she had recently split from her Greek boyfriend and I guess she was thinking about what she was going to do next. We hung out again and cleared the air, sometimes a change is as good as a rest and She went off back to Australia & met and married a great guy & they now have three children. She has battled with health and self esteem problems but this time not on her own. Now she is breaking down the barriers & opinions of others in Australia & doing it for the Ostomates.

Let’s all keep raising awareness for Ostomates and people living with IBD. Trust me if you are struggling mentally there is always someone you can talk to. Follow sites like mine follow people on Facebook join help groups. Always remember you are not alone.

Lisa 😊