Ostomy Product Reviews

Should we stick to the old pouch or go with the New

Under this menu I will be reviewing various different Ostomy Products with tips on changing, how the product felt on my skin, did it work well for me. Am I going to change from my current Ostomy supplies to something new. The products will be listed with manufacturer, relevant codes as well as sizes. I have been lucky enough to be given several different samples and products to try. As I have always said, do bare in mind our bodies are all different our stoma placements are different our scars are all different. Our stoma sizes all change throughout our lives its important to check your stoma size often to get a good pouch fit. I have a tiny Stoma at 25mm Billy really is a small illy. Soon I will probably record a video of how to change your bag which should offer help & guidance to others. Showing Billy to everyone really will be a step for me I really will be letting it all out of the bag. So do stay tuned for my reviews.

Lisa Xx