Ostomy Product Reviews

Should we stick to the old pouch or go with the New

Under this menu I will be reviewing various different Ostomy Products with tips on changing, how the product felt on my skin, did it work well for me. Am I going to change from my current Ostomy supplies to something new. The products will be listed with manufacturer, relevant codes as well as sizes. I have been lucky enough to be given several different samples and products to try. As I have always said, do bare in mind our bodies are all different our stoma placements are different our scars are all different. Our stoma sizes all change throughout our lives its important to check your stoma size often to get a good pouch fit. I have a tiny Stoma at 25mm Billy really is a small illy. Soon I will probably record a video of how to change your bag which should offer help & guidance to others. Showing Billy to everyone really will be a step for me I really will be letting it all out of the bag. So do stay tuned for my reviews.

Lisa Xx

Genii One Piece Pouch By Trio

The Genii is a new one piece bag that has been produced by Trio Ostomy I wanted to give it a try as I liked the idea of the silicone base plate. I would say that as I need a convexity base a seal is pretty important for me. The pouch is soft the base feels like its not there so I would presume that you will feel like you are not wearing it.

I am going to give the Genii a poor score I am afraid, as much as I wanted to try something different with a softer base plate. I was not able to get that far ,I was unable to remove the plastic backing to enable attachment of the bag. I can describe it as a chore the silicone was a little like chewing gum. I have spoken to Trio and they are working on a better system of removal for the base. On this occasion its not a good bag for me, maybe I am just used to easy access it was just to fiddly. Trio will be contacting me in the new year and I will try the newly adapted Genii.

Sensura Mio One Piece Pouch by Coloplast

The Sensura Mio one piece by Coloplast is a very popular pouch and used by many Ostomates. I really like the Sensura Mio especially when I need to have a break from the Hollister two piece that I use. As I have said previously I do use a convexity base plate but I believe they are available as a flat based pouch. The pouch does rustle but it is super waterproof and a bag that you can shower with and not have to change everyday. There is no micropore tape on the base plate the plastic dries quickly so it does make life easier.

Having said that the fact that it does rustle can be a bit off putting for some ostomates. The bag is easy to apply the base plate gives you a tight and secure fit. There is a long drainable roll up clasp I find it easy to empty it’s so much better than most. All in all this is one of my favourite one piece pouches. Unfortunately of late I am having a few stoma issues and sizing is becoming a problem so at the moment the Sensura isn’t ideal for me. Having said that Coloplast have made a really good pouch this pouch gets top marks.

Confidence Be One Piece Pouch By Salts

The Confidence Be is an extremely popular bag particularly with younger Ostomates the fact that it comes in Black, White and Nude is very appealing. The cover is soft and looks good. The bag again does have a rustle but it isn’t as noticeable as the Sensura Mio.

In general the bag is easy to apply the base plate feels nice the convexity is perfect the base plate is less plasticy so you feel it works with your body. All in all Salts have thought of everything when it comes to comfortability and feel and look. The Confidence Be is a bag that ticks all the boxes but what is the main thing that we all have to do with a bag?

That’s right (Empty It) this is where the Confidence Be falls down in a big way. The rock and roll clasp isn’t designed for quick emptying, pulling a plastic lip on a warm bag and trying to empty the contents is just difficult. It really is a messy business I have tried it so many times thinking that it must be me. Why is it so hard to empty? Emptying should be easy effortless and clean. I find the whole process of emptying the bag stressful if Salts used the same Roll and lock system with a longer neck such as the Sensura Mio it would be perfect. Therefore the bad point (difficult to empty) means the Be doesn’t score highly.

Hollister Two Piece Pouch & Base Plate

The Hollister two piece is a pouch that has been around for such a long time. Having a base plate and a clip on bag that can be changed at any time. I feel is the best thing for me it just works so well. The base plate is easy to apply it sticks and stays in place the bag just clips on and off so showering and changing is easy. You do need to ensure you dry the base plate thoroughly as the micropore tape on the base gets quite wet.

The pouch is soft, the lock and roll system is easy to open and makes emptying a breeze. The base plate comes flat or as a convexity even though I have tried so many pouches over the years I tend to always go back to my two piece Hollister. I have tried other two piece pouches but have found them less easy to use. It just feels like it is part of me as long as I cut the base plate correctly leaks are minimal. I would say that Hollister could update the outside of the pouch perhaps coming in different colours such as the Confidence Be. This is an easy two piece system to use. A two piece isn’t for everyone however it works for me.

I will continue to try different products and review them. Please bare in mind these are only my thoughts with regard to various different products. We are all different and not everything works for everyone, I would encourage you to always try new products. Research them, get other ostomates opinions always talk to your stoma nurse about products suitable to your individual needs. I have had a Stoma for 30 years so am keen to try new products but it is down to you.

Hope you have enjoyed my reviews as soon as I try more products I will do a little write up.

Lisa Xx