What is the point of Beige?

I have given this some thought, odd things generally pop into my head when i am on the bus. I thought about this recently. What is the point of Beige? it’s just a non colour. I’m approaching my 46th birthday in my head i’m 26 but hey ho! Do you get to a certain age then you have to start wearing beige clothes? In fairness I do own one jumper that’s of the beige colour variety but it doesn’t look bad i like to think of it as cream. I think that the new Ostomy bags that are coming on the market especially the Salts Confidence Be are indeed popular for the fit, comfort all the things that you would want in an ostomy pouch. However I believe they are more popular compared to others because they come in Black or White. Ask yourselves is beige really a nice looking colour of bag. How many people have beige bodies?

I think it is time to get rid of the beige for all ages certainly for any clothes item, it can’t be completely eradicated as I am partial to a Rich Tea biscuit. If you are a beige clothes lover and you feel you look hot in your beige frock or your beige trousers then rock that look. I believe as Ostomates we need to rejoice in the fact that we are still here we are strong. So wear those strong bright coloured clothes, stand out in a crowd your here your stoma saved your life.

If your wearing a beige bag and lets face it the Ostomy Appliance companies are bringing out some amazing products but beige seems to be their colour of preference. Pretty that bag up draw a happy face on it wear a funky pouch cover lots of people are making them. The moral of my random blathering is that maybe we shouldn’t wear beige at any age. I am trying the Coloplast SenSura Mio at the moment thats not Beige Yay! I have added some Lisa Drawings to some of the pouches I’m reviewing at the moment. Yes I know my drawing isn’t great but I’m a book keeper what can I say!!

Is it my Age or Should I wear Beige?