The Lisa Diet

Fresh is Best

On the page Diet I have discussed the correct way that you should tackle your diet as an Ostomate detailing information from medical professionals accompanied with links to medical information from the NHS and so on. On this page it’s all about The Lisa Diet.

When I had my permanent Stoma in 1993 I was determined that having Billy wasn’t going to stop me from eating and drinking whatever I wanted. As soon as my body was producing the enzyme lactase again. I was all over it, finally I could have a Cornish Cream Tea, fruit scones with strawberry jam & Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream. I think I put the cream on before the jam but to be honest who cares as long as I could eat it, happy days.

To be honest throughout the years I have been terrible at listening to my body when it comes to diet. I never put weight on and generally never gave a crap about what I ate. I had this attitude that I can’t let this Stoma define my way of life. I have eaten and drank so many foods that have made me feel unwell. Call it naivety or stubbornness but I had always told myself that I’m cured now that Billy is here. The upset stomachs, the blockages the bag leaks, the sore skin the ulcers around the Stoma you name it but still I’m going to eat and drink what I want. Don’t get me wrong I always ate healthily I’m not saying I stuffed my face with burgers and chips to be honest I avoided fried foods. I’m pretty stubborn and I never wanted a Stoma to change my Diet. I already opted for it to change my life why should I change my diet too.

I feel we are obsessed with Labels like we need to belong to a group or something, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Vegan, Flexitarian (Isn’t that just a person who follows a normal diet) I follow the Lisa Diet, as you already know I have had my Stoma for over 28 years. As I said above I have ignored my body when I have eaten certain foods luckily I have managed to avoid hospital visits (apart from when I had a really deep ulcer recently under the base plate close to my Stoma. That must have been bad as I took myself to the hospital and got over my white coat phobia.

However when I’ve had blockages I’ve toughed it out sat in agony for twelve hours. Billy’s not working and I’m thinking that packet of dry roasted peanuts tasted awesome but probably not worth the pain i’m in. When my Stoma has stopped working my stomach has blown up the pain is pretty bad my cure has always been a cup of tea & a glass of Andrews liver salts. Does the trick for me once my bowel is working again i’m emptying my bag a lot but I can finally drink a pint of water & go back to sleep.

I’m not sure if your like me but the idea of fish & chips is great but the aftermath is not pretty. Fried, battered fish for me is a no no. Bloated stomach, feeling sick worst of all my Stoma is working so much that I’m in the loo & feel sorry for the person who goes in after me I do eat fish but it has to be fresh and not fried. Recently I was really suffering with stomach pains my bag was continuously filling up I kept feeling sick and when I woke up in the AM I looked 7 months pregnant. This was a wake up call for me it was time to really start looking after myself. I had already made some changes to my diet, avoiding so many foods. I gave up meat the previous year my body took almost a month to get used to that. Sickness and stomach pains were the worst but god I felt good when my body got used to being meat free.

I finally started to take notice of what my body was telling me I’m 47 years old active and I don’t want to be feeling sick and in the loo all the time. I started to give a lot of thought to my previous symptoms when I had a lactose intolerance. I decided to go dairy free as well as meat free, my stomach got back to normal, my bag wasn’t filling up continuously and I felt really well. I am not totally plant based I just eat what I know my body can handle. Sticking to this diet takes a lot of planning ensuring I get all the correct minerals and vitamins, proteins, carbs can be tricky but when you know your own body you can make it work.

I live by the Lisa Diet if it irritates it’s cut out I don’t eat any processed food or fried foods, nuts or beans. I eat fruit, veggies without stalks, pulses, fish, tofu, rice, pasta, eggs, bread without any milk added. I drink plenty of water & soya milk and herbal teas there are so many dairy free products in the supermarkets. You don’t have to always buy Free From so many cheaper foods don’t contain milk. I have a shake most days blended in the nutri bullet, this contains soft fruits, some seeded fruit, (I don’t digest the seeds but the pulp is good) soya milk and I add a protein powder also. Eating out can be tricky but I love Asian food (I do eat spicy foods just not rocket hot) and that is always Lisa friendly. I do love a glass of wine and cider is my fave I’m from the west country! I don’t avoid alcohol but I don’t drink that much these days.

I love to cook and I have also started growing my own fruit & veg & herbs. With all the right ingredients adding superb flavours to food I can create perfect meals suited to me and my husband. This diet has worked for me and listening to your body is key when you are an Ostomate. If you want to live a comfortable life with a Stoma my advice is to listen to your body don’t be as ignorant as I was. Take care of yourself take care of your little Stoma he’s taken care of you!