Vegan Blue moon Lime Tart

Vegan Blue Moon Tart

I cannot take any credit for the recipe for the Lime tart as it was a recipe I used from Bianca Zapatka’s site. I will pop a link to her site at the end of the page, she is also on Instagram however I had to put her recipe up as I was so impressed with how my tart came out. (Yes I am 100% bigging myself up on this one) The pictures above are all mine it tasted awesome it is completely vegan there is virtually no cooking involved. So below is the recipe from Bianca’s Site. The measurements I have listed are slightly different to how Bianca lists hers..


Cookie Crust

  • Vegan Cookies I used two packets of plain Hobnobs
  • 150g Vegan Butter I used Flora it’s vegan friendly and it melts really well

Lime Layer

  • Tin of coconut milk
  • Quarter of a cup of Agave syrup (An alternative to honey, sold in Tesco, Waitrose any of the major supermarkets. Or you could use sugar.
  • Two limes squeezed or 80ml
  • Three quarters of a teaspoon of agar again available in local supermarkets this is our alternative to Gelatine

Blue Layer

  • 3-4 tbsp of water
  • 1 tbsp of blue spirulina powder I ordered this from Amazon but its available in most health food shops
  • Tin of coconut milk
  • Three quarters of a teaspoon of Agar
  • Quarter of a cup of Agave syrup or sugar
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Fresh Berries to garnish blueberries, blackberries


  • Put the biscuits in a food processor and process them into crumbs or do it the old fashioned way put them in a food bag and get your rolling pin out and give them a bash
  • Transfer the biscuit crumbs into a bowl melt the butter in a saucepan add to the bowl combine. Add your mix to a 9 inch Tart tin press down firmly to make your base pop in the freezer for 15 minutes or fridge for 30 minutes

Lime Layer

  • Pour the coconut milk into a saucepan stir in the agar until it is completely dissolved and bring to the boil for 1-2 minutes
  • Turn of the heat stir in the agave syrup or sugar and lime juice allow to cool and pour onto the chilled crust

Blue Layer

  • Pour water into a small cup and add the spirulina powder dissolve then set aside
  • As with the lime layer add tin of coconut to a saucepan add the agar until dissolved boil for 1-2 minutes remove from the heat
  • Add the agave syrup, vanilla extract and spirulina water then pour onto the lime layer ensure the lime layer has set before you do this takes about an hour and pop it in the fridge
  • Once it has set garnish it with berries serve it with dairy free cream, or ice cream

Check out Bianca’s site

Lisa Xx