What’s my Blog About

Life is What you Make It

My Blog

Living with IBD for 30 years & an Ostomy for 26 Years

  • Life with IBD & an Ostomy
  • Sharing my experiences & Knowledge
  • Tips on Diet
  • Tips on Ostomy Products
  • Tips on Family
  • Exercise
  • Fun
  • Raising Awareness
  • Crohn’s Disease

  • I have chosen to create this blog to share my life experiences.
  • I will talk about family, diet, day to day life with a Stoma.
  • I would like to offer help & advice to people that are going through this life changing illness.
  • Helping you helps me, almost like a therapy for us both.
  • This blog is to help people see that you can live a fun & happy life just as I do.
  • I will share my daily challenges, how I have dealt with them.

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