Update on my Diet

A while back I mentioned on a previous post that I was going to cut out fish from my diet as well as all the other foods that I have cut out over the last few years. I have to report that after being completely Vegan it really became difficult for me. My stoma output wasn’t great I started to feel like crap and was taking to many supplements so I introduced fish back into my diet again. It was definitely the right thing to do I am still following my strict diet in terms of only fruit, vegetables, pulses, and non dairy foods but introducing fish back into my diet has been good for me. I am still maintaining my weight of just under 52kgs and am only taking the multi vitamins and folic acid that I have always taken.

Accepting & loving your body

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do

After finally covering up the scar on my left side with my new tattoo it inspired me to buy a bikini for the first time in forever. I am not embarrassed by my body but it does take a lot to accept yourself. The growth in me physically and mentally over the last year or so has been immense. I would be more than happy to walk on the beach in a bikini now.

Becoming an ostomate dealing with a bowel disease is not easy it really can drain you both physically and mentally. I’ve had a permanent stoma for 28 years and I am still dealing with the affects that having an ileostomy has on my life.

I have worked really hard over the last few years to get my diet right you can take a look at my diet page. Since giving up meat and dairy I have managed to be the healthiest I’ve ever been. So many foods upset my stomach and it has been challenging. Keeping up my proteins has been the hardest thing however I have finally got a good balanced diet. I’ve lost the weight that I wanted too and covered the scar that I disliked. My new tattoo that covers that scar is very symbolic, it reminds me of how much I have grown as person and how far I have come in my journey to accept myself. I have added a few photos to my gallery 🙂

Lisa xx

Ps. In true British style I wore a bikini for two days then it’s pissed it down with rain ☔️ ever since 😂

The Lisa Diet

Plant Based

If you click on the menu Diet you will see all information on Diet advice there is also a tab that’s called the Lisa Diet, if you have read this you will know that I have changed my diet a lot over the last few years. My motto has always been if it hurts your tummy stop eating it well I have finally had to cut fish out of my diet 😔It hasn’t been agreeing with me for a while now.

I have noticed that in Cornwall we are slow to cater for specific diets especially when it comes to fish Cornwall is known for the fish industry and our fresh fish here really is beautiful. I am now going to see how my body copes without fish concentrating on my protein intake is really important so I am still eating eggs.

I find eating out is starting to prove difficult, as the UK becomes more diet aware the bigger cities cater for specific diets where as the little villages here are a bit slower at moving with the trends. I will keep you updated with how being fish free affects my general health and Billy the illy’s output. So far so good, we have some great Vegan restaurants popping up in Plymouth so we will be trying a few of those out. Stay tuned for updates and reviews and new recipes I will be adding!!

Lisa Xx