What’s happening!

I know I have been away for a while but we all know that December flies by and before we know it we are half way through January. I will be posting some new recipes in the next few weeks. More short stories, I will also let you know about my experience at Salts in Birmingham regarding the Me, my bag & I podcast. This will be out in February and can be listened to through Spotify.

I have been trying out some new Ostomy products so I will be doing a review on each product that I have used. Do remember though all our stomas are different so what works for me will not necessarily work for others, however I still think it’s a good insight to get another Ostomates point of view.

Our holiday in December was up in The Peak District, what a beautiful place I will be adding some more photos to my gallery. This year we plan to do more hiking and trips in the camper. Ultimately the focus for us is to save some more pennies and get closer to that early retirement. My head is full of so many points of view that I think will be helpful and insightful to you. Do stay tuned!!

Lisa Xx

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