The Bag’s Off & Once again I’m Sleep deprived

I set this site up so we can share our experiences & those experiences mean all that we are feeling with IBD & Ostomies. It’s a positive site to connect & show that we can all live a normal, fulfilled life.

However sometimes do you just think Why? What did I do to deserve this? If we all said life is all peachy with a stoma or not with a stoma just life in general we wouldn’t be telling the truth. At the moment my hormones are shot, the peri menopause is taking a toll on my body & on top of that this bloody bag won’t stay on Billy for anymore than 24-36 hours.

So Friday night I’m up at 3.30am major bag blow in the shower cleaning myself up, another bag change. I go back to bed trying not to wake up my husband. I lay in bed for 10 minutes in tears feeling sorry for myself amplified by hormone imbalances wondering when do I get a break. After I have had my ten minutes of woe is me I say to myself ‘I can’t change this’. Billy is with me for life my hormones will sort themselves out soon.

You know, I had a big word with myself and thought your life is good 😌 your diet is good your health is good you have people who love you. The way things affect us mentally isn’t anything to be ashamed off it’s how we deal with them that is the key. Address them don’t dwell on them focus on the good stuff don’t fall in that hole. The point of this post is to let you know we all get our bad days even me. But I focus on all the great things in my life & Billy the Illy is why I’m here 😊 don’t let the bad days bring you down, remember we are all on a journey to get to that happy emoji 😊

Also I’m having a big menopause party when it’s all over so bring it on. 🤪

Lisa xx

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