What can we learn from dogs 🐶


I’ve thought about this a lot recently and discussed it with my husband especially after my recent health scare.

We are a nation of dog lovers, so many people have dogs as pets.

Our dog is basically a tank, a solid bull terrier & a ball of energy.

When I take him out for his walks, we walk for miles up and down dale. He does everything with only one thing in mind and that’s sheer enjoyment in that moment.

Dogs don’t ask for much all they want is loving humans a warm comfy bed a restful home, good walks and food.

I watch Oggy our big headed Cornish pasty getting so much enjoyment and excitement in everything he does, watching him like that clears my mind.

He’s not worried about irrelevant things he’s just living in the present enjoying that moment in his life. Running, doing rolly polys, doing everything with enthusiasm, if I could bottle that zest for life that he has, people would buy it.

As humans we crave so much, popularity, fast cars, designer clothes, big houses to name but a few. We are governed by the media and often influenced by the wrong things.

In life all we need to do is take a step back, be less stressed. Help a person across the street, say good morning. You could change someone’s day just by kindness. We should live in the present be like Oggy boy. Go outside breathe the fresh air in, clear your mind, don’t let life pass you by.

Dogs are mans best friend for a reason they are loyal, they get you out walking in the fresh air. They show you unconditional love, you see a dog enjoying themselves and that makes you smile and laugh.

We can make life so simple by showing kindness, loyalty & love just like a dog, they teach us so much, we can learn from them.

Lisa 😃

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