Stoma Care Appointment

Once in a Blue Moon Visit

I only ever visit the hospital once in a blue moon, however my skin has been suffering so off I went to see the lovely Stoma Nurse Jane Matten. The stoma care department at Derriford Hospital is great and the help and advice you receive is brilliant. The staff are kind, caring and knowledgeable even though I visit rarely (generally when I have a problem) it’s always a pleasure. I wanted to get the sizing of my Stoma right I’m always advising others to get their Stoma measured and thought it was about time I took my own advice.

Billy has changed such a lot over the years he is small and his little spout is facing upwards. I’ve always had a dip in the skin by the Stoma i guess it’s what makes everybody’s Stoma unique. So now I’m resized and using the Coloplast SenSura Mio one piece. I am not a huge fan of the one piece however I am going to be trying some different two pieces once my skin has healed, the reviews will be on the Ostomy product review page soon. I have known Jane for a long time we had a little catch up and my visit timed just right as she is retiring this week she will be missed by all the patients she has helped over the years.

Billy is now a winking eye!

Once my skin has healed I will be doing a bag change film on YouTube so stay tuned for that.

Lisa Xx

Me my Bag & I

Love Me Love My Stoma

As i mentioned in my last post i took part in the podcast Me my Bag and I at Salts Healthcare in Birmingham, UK. This is now out and available to download and listen too on Spotify, Acast and Itunes, there is also a film on YouTube. Why is it that when you hear yourself recorded and see yourself on film you think Holy Shit do I really look and sound like that?

With that in mind a big focus and point that I wanted to raise in the podcast, is that we are all different Stoma or no Stoma. I am in the process of writing a page all about the things that we discussed and what my thoughts and feelings were, So stay tuned.

Lisa Xx

What’s happening!

I know I have been away for a while but we all know that December flies by and before we know it we are half way through January. I will be posting some new recipes in the next few weeks. More short stories, I will also let you know about my experience at Salts in Birmingham regarding the Me, my bag & I podcast. This will be out in February and can be listened to through Spotify.

I have been trying out some new Ostomy products so I will be doing a review on each product that I have used. Do remember though all our stomas are different so what works for me will not necessarily work for others, however I still think it’s a good insight to get another Ostomates point of view.

Our holiday in December was up in The Peak District, what a beautiful place I will be adding some more photos to my gallery. This year we plan to do more hiking and trips in the camper. Ultimately the focus for us is to save some more pennies and get closer to that early retirement. My head is full of so many points of view that I think will be helpful and insightful to you. Do stay tuned!!

Lisa Xx

Coming Soon… Me, my bag & I 😊

I am really excited😊 to announce that I will be heading up to Birmingham on the 11th December to take part in an interview & Podcast called Me, my Bag & I at Salts Healthcare Headquarters.

Me, my bag & I is a positive informative way to learn about other Ostomate’s experiences & how we cope with everyday life. I will get to meet the team as well as the other participants. So do expect a full write up as well as photos and links very soon.

There are other Podcasts already uploaded which can be listened to on Spotify, so do follow the link below and have a listen for yourselves.

Lisa Xx

The alien has been extracted

I’m a Ganglion get me out of here!!

I am typing this one handed today, yesterday I finally had the cyst (ganglion) removed from my wrist. This was causing me pain down my arm and numbness in my hand. Tests have shown early stages of arthritis so I have started to take Glucosamine. If you have read my post White Coat Syndrome you will know that I have been really looking forward to getting rid of that bloody alien.

I had a general anaesthetic so was unable to see the cyst being removed the op was successful the lump is now gone. I am resting up & it should take a couple of weeks for me to be fighting fit. Today I can now feel and move my fingers which is really good as emptying my bag yesterday was really hard to do. I think breaking my arm and some other bones a few years back definitely gave me a heads up on how to get that mission accomplished. As Ostomates we always find a way to get over these little hurdles 🙂

I would like to say how amazing the Care UK Plymouth Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre is. The staff and consultants are lovely, the environment is perfect and relaxing and you don’t feel like you are in a hospital. We are so lucky in the UK to have the NHS they help treat millions of people throughout the UK everyday. Over the years they have really looked after me and I will always be grateful for the support that the NHS has given me.

Lisa Xx