The Lisa Diet

Plant Based

If you click on the menu Diet you will see all information on Diet advice there is also a tab that’s called the Lisa Diet, if you have read this you will know that I have changed my diet a lot over the last few years. My motto has always been if it hurts your tummy stop eating it well I have finally had to cut fish out of my diet 😔It hasn’t been agreeing with me for a while now.

I have noticed that in Cornwall we are slow to cater for specific diets especially when it comes to fish Cornwall is known for the fish industry and our fresh fish here really is beautiful. I am now going to see how my body copes without fish concentrating on my protein intake is really important so I am still eating eggs.

I find eating out is starting to prove difficult, as the UK becomes more diet aware the bigger cities cater for specific diets where as the little villages here are a bit slower at moving with the trends. I will keep you updated with how being fish free affects my general health and Billy the illy’s output. So far so good, we have some great Vegan restaurants popping up in Plymouth so we will be trying a few of those out. Stay tuned for updates and reviews and new recipes I will be adding!!

Lisa Xx

Stoma Care Appointment

Once in a Blue Moon Visit

I only ever visit the hospital once in a blue moon, however my skin has been suffering so off I went to see the lovely Stoma Nurse Jane Matten. The stoma care department at Derriford Hospital is great and the help and advice you receive is brilliant. The staff are kind, caring and knowledgeable even though I visit rarely (generally when I have a problem) it’s always a pleasure. I wanted to get the sizing of my Stoma right I’m always advising others to get their Stoma measured and thought it was about time I took my own advice.

Billy has changed such a lot over the years he is small and his little spout is facing upwards. I’ve always had a dip in the skin by the Stoma i guess it’s what makes everybody’s Stoma unique. So now I’m resized and using the Coloplast SenSura Mio one piece. I am not a huge fan of the one piece however I am going to be trying some different two pieces once my skin has healed, the reviews will be on the Ostomy product review page soon. I have known Jane for a long time we had a little catch up and my visit timed just right as she is retiring this week she will be missed by all the patients she has helped over the years.

Billy is now a winking eye!

Once my skin has healed I will be doing a bag change film on YouTube so stay tuned for that.

Lisa Xx

Me my Bag & I

Love Me Love My Stoma

As i mentioned in my last post i took part in the podcast Me my Bag and I at Salts Healthcare in Birmingham, UK. This is now out and available to download and listen too on Spotify, Acast and Itunes, there is also a film on YouTube. Why is it that when you hear yourself recorded and see yourself on film you think Holy Shit do I really look and sound like that?

With that in mind a big focus and point that I wanted to raise in the podcast, is that we are all different Stoma or no Stoma. I am in the process of writing a page all about the things that we discussed and what my thoughts and feelings were, So stay tuned.

Lisa Xx

What’s happening!

I know I have been away for a while but we all know that December flies by and before we know it we are half way through January. I will be posting some new recipes in the next few weeks. More short stories, I will also let you know about my experience at Salts in Birmingham regarding the Me, my bag & I podcast. This will be out in February and can be listened to through Spotify.

I have been trying out some new Ostomy products so I will be doing a review on each product that I have used. Do remember though all our stomas are different so what works for me will not necessarily work for others, however I still think it’s a good insight to get another Ostomates point of view.

Our holiday in December was up in The Peak District, what a beautiful place I will be adding some more photos to my gallery. This year we plan to do more hiking and trips in the camper. Ultimately the focus for us is to save some more pennies and get closer to that early retirement. My head is full of so many points of view that I think will be helpful and insightful to you. Do stay tuned!!

Lisa Xx